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This book is about what it’s like to attain your wildest dreams – and then find out that’s just the start of your battles. “             – Keyon Dooling

During his 12th NBA season, Keyon Dooling was at the top of his game as the designated team leader of the Boston Celtics, firing up his teammates with the ringing challenge, “What’s driving you?”

A few months later, he found himself locked up in a mental institution, confused, frightened and on the verge of losing everything.

In “What’s Driving You???  How I Overcame Abuse and Learned to Lead in the NBA,” Dooling for the first time tells the whole truth about the shocking childhood incident that shadowed him during his entire successful pro basketball career – and the hidden trauma that led to his widely-publicized breakdown.

From his childhood struggles growing up in a poor and traditionally-segregated section of Fort Lauderdale, to his battle to prove the experts wrong and make the cut for the NBA draft, to his challenging career on the court, Dooling candidly chronicles the difficulties many professional basketball players face both in achieving their dreams and adjusting to a new and overwhelming lifestyle for which they’re totally unprepared.

Dooling also shares many revealing off-the-court anecdotes involving legendary coaches Pat Riley and Doc Rivers, his infamous fight with Ray Allen, Gary Payton targeting him as a rookie and the team leadership skills he learned from Shaquille O’Neal and others.

His breakdown in 2012 is also described in harrowing detail; the betrayal that reignited his childhood trauma, the anxiety that caused him to announce his premature retirement, and the shocking confrontation with the police that resulted in his commitment to a mental hospital.

Dooling’s recovery, fueled by his faith, family and the touching support of the entire Boston Celtics organization, makes for an inspiring ending to a gripping story that reveals what drove Dooling to continually overcome the odds – and emerge a winner.